A performance-concert which unravels the limitless possibilities of a person, a true artist, doomed by their catastrophic fate. We explore the life and events of Frida Kahlo as told by the voice of her correspondence with her beloved Diego Rivera. Kahlo’s narrative is complimented by the lyrical poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca, as performed by Marina Alexandrova and Piotr Dranga (chamber symphony / EDM orchestra, accordion). The concert escorts the audience through the multidimensional colors of Kahlo’s life’s work. Intertwined into the fabric of the concert, we find the threads of art, childhood, beauty, love and pain. Experience the beauty and chaos of Kahlo’s mind through remnants she implemented into her everyday life. The stage is a reflection of the scenery Mother Nature engulfed her in; along with the masks of Native Indian idols, and the tears she shed gleaming like radiant diamonds. “Frida” brings to light importance of freedom of expression, the power to overcome, and the integrity of the individual.
March 5th - Theater of Nations (buy ticket)
Marina Alexandrova
Russian-born Theater and Film Actress, performed at the Sovremennik Theater in Moscow, 2006-2011. Received “Best Debut” prize at the Festival of Feature Films in Saint-Tropez. Laureate of the Youth Russian Non-State Award “Triumph" in the field of achievements in Literature and Art. Russian National Prize named after Andrey Mironov "Figaro".
Peter Dranga
Composer and Producer of the performance-concert "Frida”. Founder of the DYP Orchestra. Laureate of All-Russian and International competitions.
Sergey Sotnikov
Russian Theater Director and Actor. Directed performances at a numerous amount of theaters such as The Satyricon, The Theater of Nations, Sovremennik, The Center, Sun, Meyerhold, The Bulgakov House, Yorik and others. Laureate of the XIX Open Russian Film and Theater Festival for ”Amur Autumn”.
A group of musicians fusing the Neo-Classical Genre with Electronic and Ethnic aspects. Created by Petr Dranga.

Vadim Buyanov — Artistic Director of “Frida”
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Ilya Starilov
Graphic Artist, Video Artist, and Illustrator of “Frida”. Starilov’s work can be seen in art project of the Russian Engineering Theatre, the performance of the Stanislavsky Electrotheater "The Blue Bird", and many performances of the Theater of Nations.
Maria Utrobina
Set Designer and Costume Designer of “Frida”. Utrobina has been dressing a multitude of performances held in some of the largest theaters in Russia and Europe since 2012.
Vadim Buyanov
Line producer of “Frida”, artistic director of the DYP orchestra
Renat Mamin
Alexey Khardikov
Lighting designer
Yuri Kalinovsky
Anna Mikhaleva
Graphic Designer
Artyom Karkach
Sound artist